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Letter from a dog mom to futur human dog masters


My name is Zoe! I am the mother of the baby dog that you hold in your arms as if it was you who brought it into this world. On one hand, I see that you want only his wellbeing, but be careful please! He is not used to being held so high!

Yes! He is shaking! No, he’s not cold! He does not know you … you know, my baby already has feelings! He has known only me, his brothers, and our masters, so inevitably he does not understand everything! He does not understand why you stick your nose on his nose! We say good morning by sniffing the back! But I told him that day would come and I prepared it!

Look … he’s already licking you! No!! He did not choose you! He is like that … he knows nothing but love!

No, I’m not sad that you take him with you! I just want you to respect him …

You’re asking a lot of questions about him! Is it clean? Is he wise? Are human children perfect so soon? No! So why should my baby puppy be?

Does he knowhow to heel? No! And if you want to connect with him, he’ll have to be you who teaches him! Not immediately! He does not know you yet! Why should he follow you? You do not know how? Him either!

You are going to your house with my puppy. Please, understand that he is not perfect! He’s going to cry because he’s going to be alone tonight, and he knows neither you nor your home!

It will pee and poop surely where you don’t want. If the first days are complicated for you, tell yourself that for my baby, it’s a shock too. Take care of him, understand a little what he is going through.

Do not let your children scold or smother him with all their love. Let him arrive, take his time and understand that this is his house!

He will forget us soon. He will only have eyes for you. But be patient!

He will follow you everywhere and you will have to teach him to be alone too, otherwise … he will cry. He will not be aware that he will disturb your neighborhood !!!

Maybe it will nibble your shoes, furniture, carpets or your hands. My baby has no hands to touch everything! He touches with his mouth …

My baby puppy may be able to eat your tapestry, but i’ve already seen a little human boy draw on a closet door!

But … my baby will grow up very fast! He will become a teenager! Yes! With us too we become teenagers! He will want to be the chef and fall back to childhood … and you, you will pull your hair !!! But please, show him that you do not agree, keep your cool, and do not forget that adolescence lasts only one time!

And then he will become an adult, and there, he will be the dog you dreamed of … If you educated him well! If he pulls a leash, for example, it’s because you let him do it! If he jumps on your sofa full of mud, returning from the ride … it’s because from the first day, you took it on your lap to watch TV! If he eats your pretty new heels, it’s because you gave him an old slipper one day!

Myself, I never really understood the difference between old slipper and shoes with heels!

Now that you’re leaving with him, as soon as you walk in the door, start your job! Please do it, for his well-being and yours, or leave him with me.

If you bring him, you have to keep him all his life and take care of him! If you have another life other than him, but he will only have you … because YOU, you will be all his life!

Or, leave him with me …

My baby is not a whim or a toy, … ..a gift … it’s true! My baby is a living being, with feelings. Able for the worst, the best, and if you follow my advice, and if, you keep your promises … then you will cry all the tears of your heart on his last day, you will feel a huge void, and you will say that your dog , your best friend, YOUR baby was … PERFECT!


Author: All Dog Moms