1st Moz recipes contain all the essential nutrients necessary for the nutritional needs of dogs and cats. In the formulation of our recipes, we use the dietary recommendations for calcium, phosphorus, lipids, proteins, vitamins and minerals set forth by the AAFCO. Since such standards are minimal, we are proud to say that we exceed these standards.

Yes you can feed at the same time as dry food. Every dog and cat are different. We advise you to buy very high quality dry food, without carbohydrates, to help digestion of your dog. The true benefit of a wet diet is not so noticeable when wet food makes up less than 75% of the diet. if you want better results it may be necessary to switch to 100% wet food. Once you give 1st Moz food to your furry friend, you will notice a huge difference quickly.

No. Our proprietary process eliminates 100% of bacteria and preserves all nutrients without the need to add other chemicals. once opened, please refrigerate for three to four days.

With our recipe for puppies, your puppy will have all the nutrients vitamins and minerals necessary for its growth.

The recipe for cats is different than for dogs. The cat is 100% carnivore. That means that there is no need to eat fruits or vegetables. Muscle meat and organ pulpit are an excellent natural source of taurine, which is an essential amino acid for the cat. Fresh Meat formulas and recipes are properly formulated to contain enough taurine for your cat.

Although dogs and cats devour it, our meat is beautiful and well a complete meal that must be given every day for your dog and cat to be in perfect health.

Our recipes are formulated and made by doctors in canine and feline nutrition.