1st Meat now becomes 1st Moz

WARNING 1st Meat now becomes 1st Moz. A Canadian company fearing our excellent products, forces us by big lawyers fees, to change our name. We apologize for the inconvenience, and 1st Moz will always be the same great product as before. THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONFIDENCE!!!



At 1st Moz…

…the health and well-being of your cats and dogs is a key element in all that we do.

The life expectancy of cats and dogs is shorter than that of humans, which is one of the reasons why many people go the extra mile to feed them the very best food possible so that they will stay healthy and fit.

At 1st Moz, our product development process relies on the latest knowledge in animal nutrition. Our rolls are prepared using a specialized, exclusive and patented technological production process that includes sterilization at very low temperatures. This process allows for maintaining a high humidity rate and by extension, preserving essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements while eliminating harmful bacteria and other irritants.

Pets who eat 1st Moz will reap the benefits of healthy, natural, balanced and high-quality products that can be easily transported anywhere, anytime.

Our low-temperature sterilization process creates rolls that can be stored at room temperature for up to one year, with no impact on taste or quality.

We firmly believe in the high quality of 1st Moz products. Analyses are regularly performed in an ultra-modern laboratory and all manufacturing and related activities are subject to continuous veterinary supervision to ensure compliance with the highest standards.

All of our recipes are balanced as per AAFCO nutritional standards.




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Improved digestion

Because 1st Moz products are digested in a 4- to 6-hour window (compared to 18 to 24 hours for kibble), your pet does not spend the entire day digesting, has more energy and is in better shape

Whiter teeth

Our products, when combined with real bones on which to chew, are highly beneficial to your pet’s oral health and help promote beautiful, white and healthy teeth.

Fresher breath

Meat products, unlike kibble, do not remain between the teeth and promote the development of bacteria

Beautiful glossy fur

Natural foods always support a more beautiful and healthier coat. Not to mention that the effects are obvious very quickly.

Better overall health

Because your pet is biologically engineered to eat fresh meat rather than dry, carbohydrate-heavy kibble, the quality of our nutritious products ensures peak immune system performance.

Fewer allergies

A pet who is fed natural food specially designed for him and with little or no carbohydrates will be better able to fight off allergens.

Improved stool

Because natural meats and other products are fully absorbed by the body, your pet’s stool will be smaller and the odour, drastically reduced..

Lean muscle

An animal-based, protein-rich diet is an excellent means of developing your dog’s muscles

Tasty meals

Our recipes are highly appetizing to your pets, who are after all attracted to meat at a very early age. Our extremely tasty products are just the thing for anyone with a pet who tends to balk or ignore his bowl of kibble.


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